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Algorithms, Fall 2021, Bowdoin College: Announcements

All announcements and communication have been moved to Slack.

10/1: Solutions for lab 5 have been posted on Slack. Have a good weekend!

9/28: Assignment 3 has been posted. Due on Friday 10/8 by 11pm (but you can submit by Tuesday 10/12 without penalty).

9/24: Have a good weekend !

9/24: Solutions to lab 4 posted on Blackboard and in Slack.

9/24: Reminder, Assignment 2 and Quiz 4 due at the end of this week (Sunday 9/26).

9/19: Assignment 2 posted, due Sunday 9/26 by 11:00pm

9/18: Assignment 1 due on Sunday 9/19 by 11:00pm

9:18: Office hours on Friday changed to 12-2pm

9/10: Solutions to Lab2 posted on Blackboard.

9/6: Office hours this semester posted. Click on “Office hours” link on this website.

  • Mon 3-4pm (Laura)
  • Wed 3-4pm (Laura)
  • Fri 1-3pm 12-2pm (Laura)
  • Sat 6-8pm (Lily)
  • Sun 4-6pm (Zane)

Laura’s office hours are both in person (location Searles 219) or by zoom. Feel free to come in person; orjoin by zoom (use the zoom link provided for the class, which you find it in BB).

Lily’s and Zane’s office hours: in their weekly reminder they will specify whether it’s in person or online, as well as location or zoom link.

9/6: Assignment 1 posted! Click on Gradescope link from Blackboard. Due end of week 3 (9/19 by 11pm).

9/3: Location change: Class has moved to Searles 223 for the remainder of the semester.

9/3: Solutions to Lab1 posted — check Blackboard.

9/3: For questions with week 1 content, come to office hours on Saturday 9/4, 6-8pm, with Lily SMith. This week the office hours will be via zoom. Use the class zoom link posted in Blackboard.

9/2: Thanks to those who emailed about Precheck1 allowing only 1 attemps. This has been fixed now.

9/1: Hi everyone, Precheck1 is due by 10am on Friday 9/3. Remember that prechecks are supposed to be easy: 3 attempts, open books, unlimited time.

8/27: Hi everyone, Welcome to Algorithms! Our first meeting will be on Wednesday 9/1 at 10:05am.